X65F Profile Sheets in Excel and pdf Device Profiles English Any version Other Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 01/11/2019 02:02:27 1584.0000
日期: 01/11/2019
I created this profile for me, but is very important, share with other people. I hope they like. A-10C 852
日期: 03/03/2013
Not really finished yet, but right now it`s working fine for me. Enjoy :) A-10C 1491
日期: 03/16/2011
this isn't finished yet but i thought it will be a good idea to share it anyway this is a x65 hotas profile for use with dcs : black shark (have fun and enjoy your flight :)) copy the "Saitek X65F Flight Controller {53A81A10-0408-11e0-8001-444553540000}.lua" file to <dcs black shark root directory>\Config\Input\Aircrafts\ka-50\joystick ...
日期: 12/18/2010

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