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P51 new cockpit HD v3

类型 - 插件
作者 - Snowsniper
日期 - 2014-09-20 18:13:38
a new cockpit inspirated by a real one
green and wood floor
front panel in HD with improved colours, lamps, leather, and screw
inspirated from a P51 cockpoit 360 view here:

use JSGME to install it or just unpack the directory structure in the DCS folder. or paste the texture directory " P-51D-CPT-TEXTURES"  in "Mods\aircraft\P-51D\Cockpit\Resources\Model\Textures"

Updated V2
improved throtle grip texture , removed personal photo on board.
all texture converted in dds DX5 mipmap for size optimised.

Updated V3 :
grip stick improved. Panel texture, ground wood texture and throttle texture improved.  works fine in 1.2.16 (but a bit less fps)

Thanks to Mudspike for improved gauges

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