Ka-50 Colombian Air Force (Fictional)

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Ka-50 Colombian Air Force (Fictional)

Ka-50 Colombian Air Force (Fictional)

类型 - 皮肤
作者 - Home Fries
日期 - 29.06.2014 12:36
This is a fictional skin for the Fuerza Aérea Colombiana Composite helicopter squadron using the current FAC grey paint scheme used for the Super Tucano.  This is #3124 with a "shark mouth" on the nose.  Nationalities are USA and Spain.

Installation Instructions:
Copy the folders to your Saved Games\DCS\Liveries\Ka-50 folder.

The release of DCS World 1.2.4 added the ability to add texture paths using the file "autoexec.cfg" in your Saved Games\DCS\Config folder.  This will allow you to save hard drive space as long as the skin filenames are unique.  My skins support this, so any DDS file with the same name will be identical.

In order to enable this feature, add the following line to autoexec.cfg (be sure to create the file if it doesn't exist):

table.ins ert(options.graphics.VFSTexturePaths, "C:/Users/<username>/Saved Games/DCS/Textures")

You can use any path (even a different drive), but you must use forward slashes for your path.  Backslashes won't work here.

Then, you can move all of the DDS files from each of the skin folders to this new folder you've added to your path.  Allowing overwrites is not a problem, as I use unique names for each file.  Finally, be sure to go in to each description.lua file and change all "false" entries to "true."

Change Log:
1.01    Initial Public Release for DCS World 1.2.8

You are free to use any of these skins in other projects as long as proper credit is provided in the readme file.

-Home Fries
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