P-51D 363rd, 357th pack v.1.1

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P-51D 363rd, 357th pack v.1.1

类型 - 涂装
上传者 - Archangel
日期 - 2013-12-20 11:51:23
Three P-51D's from 363rd FS, 357th FG. Updated file. Error corrected.

A pack of Mustangs from 363rd FS, 357th FG. Little Joe flown by Lt. Joseph W Cannon. Little Shrimp flown by Maj. Robert W Foy and Gentleman Jim flown by Capt. James W Browning.

I've updated the file. It has come to my attention that the pilot name on Little Shrimp are to red on yelly... not black as I thought. That have been changed.

Not only did I miss the pilot name in red, I also missed that the border should be red not black! Well, that's been fixed now.
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