Altitude (MP x2)

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DCS: 黑鲨1.0.2
Altitude (MP x2)

Altitude (MP x2)

类型 - 联机任务
作者 - Distiler
日期 - 18.04.2011 10:56
"Altitude" stock single player mission ported to 2 players.

Content rights to ED.

PD: do not edit unless you have the mission editor mod.


Arms and supplies continue to reach the enemy across the Georgian border. As part of an effort to curtail this flow, headquarters has ordered a border outpost to be established on Mt. Shkara (peak 5057 m.).

This morning, a 4-ship flight of Federal Border Patrol Mi-8s will transport men and material to a high altitude (3260 m.) landing zone (LZ), located 16 km. southeast of Mt. Shkara, from where the border patrol troops will continue on foot to their destination. Army Aviation is tasked with escorting the transports and securing the LZ.
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