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类型 - 单机任务
上传者 - Luicia
日期 - 2023-01-28 14:54:16
Numerous attacks have been carried out recently by a large coalition against terrorists in the Deir ez-Zor area. You are flying one of these attacks as an Iraqi pilot.

The mission starts at 18:30. From H3, you and your wingman fly north across the border into Syrian airspace. Your wingman's primary task is to take out SAM positions if necessary - you give the orders (He is silent but fully usable). On the way to the target, you perform an aerial refueling. In the target area, drop a GBU-10 on a building. High-ranking terrorists are suspected to be there.
After dropping, you fly back to H3 and complete the mission.

The US Airforce supports the mission with a Sentry and a KC-130 tanker. The Sentry / DARKSTAR operates as a Forward Air Controller (FAC).

[DCS Open Beta]

Cold Start
Flying & Landing in the dark.
Patience ( Route is 305 NM ).
You will need to perform aerial refueling in the dark.
Use F10 Menu to tell Darkstar when you have finished refueling. Do this also if you have not filled up but you think it must be enough.
Use WMD7 Pod.
Drop GBU-10 (do not change weapons - triggers are tied to it).
Use the F10 menu to tell Darkstar if the GBU-10 hit the target or not.  On your way back, you can check out on Darkstar's frequency (F10). For the landing, remember to contact the in-game ATC to be sure that the air base activates the lights.

The mission is easy to fly - if you stick to the flight plan here and there. Good for beginners who dare to go out in the dark. There are simple voice-overs (ATIS & some radio transmissions) in combination with some other radio messages in text.
There are generally no mods required. Unfortunately, however, there is no Iraqi JF-17 paint scheme.
So I used the following linked one. If you also want to fly with Iraqi JF-17 livery - you should install it. (But..... it's mostly dark anyway - so your decision). Thanks to Beanbag Ninja !

Feedback will be appreciated.
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