Dalan's Eyball Mk I "Realism" 2.0

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DCS: World 2.7

Dalan's Eyball Mk I "Realism" 2.0

类型 - Device Profiles
上传者 - captain_dalan
日期 - 2022-12-08 00:47:00
This is continuation of my pursuit for more authentic visual experience, closer to what one expects my observing the surrounding with a naked eye. However, there are two major changes with this Reshade profile.

First, this one is made to work best with a color profile for your color management, as presented in the uploaded screenshot. This should make it much "lighter" on overall performance, as Reshade does less of the heavy lifting. I think i managed to drop the FPS performance hit on my machine, from 3-4 FPS to 1-2 FPS.

Second, this is a more all around solution. That is, while the previous preset, was more extreme and punchy, it also didn't work as well in more exotic lighting conditions, such as twilight or storms. No amount of tweaking could make the end result what i wanted to be under all conditions. So for this iteration, i went for a more mild adjustment, but one that works equally well under all conditions tested.

Third. this presets works with DCS gamma setting of 2.8

Due to the reasons stated above, this profile isn't meant as a replacement or improvement of the first Mk 1 Eyeball, but rather as a more versatile alternative. I hope you enjoy it.

As always, follow the instructions bellow:

Instructions: Decompress the file and  drop it into your Reshade folder where you keep your default preset and other custom profiles. It should be available when you enter the Reshade menu (default key home) and click on the arrows to scroll through your available profiles. Remember to make sure you have performance mode checked, so the impact on FPS is minimized.

Bellow i attached some screenshots of how the preset looks like in DCS on a 1080p screen.

EDIT: Updated to Mk4, for some better night time visibility during full moon.
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