[SP/COOP] Operation Lynchpin: The Longest Strike

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DCS: World 2.7

[SP/COOP] Operation Lynchpin: The Longest Strike

类型 - 联机任务
上传者 - Haydz192
日期 - 2022-11-21 09:41:32
A very long-range (450 NM+) strike on enemy assets in the South Atlantic. Single-player and multiplayer co-op compatible. You will need the Community A-4E Skyhawk mod to play this mission.

Current Version: V1.01 - For any update changelogs, see bottom of description. Thanks.

Tensions are at their breaking point in the South Atlantic. The Chilean city of Punta Arenas is in flames following the capture of its nearby airbase by a combined Argentina and Chinese alliance. It is presumed that Argentina intends to control the entire southern peninsula of South America in an effort to exploit mineral reserves in the region.

NATO Coalition forces stationed nearby in and around the Falkland islands form a response strike to re-capture the airbase and surrounding city, and prepare for further military action in the region.


Prepare for an interesting challenge in DCS - a long-range strike where multiple mission objectives are being conducted simultaneously. You WILL need to aerial refuel if you want to make it to the target and back, so better make sure you've practiced!

The mission is fully playable/completable in singleplayer, thanks to some friendly AI flights being spawnable from the start of the mission - this also helps facilitate low playercount ops in multiplayer.

A custom kneeboard page is implemented with a basic list of comms, waypoints, and objectives to aid you. The mission briefing also provides further context and details, make sure you read it to have a better idea of what to do.

There is also a variety of different aircraft available to fly. Loadouts can be largely chosen of your own accord, with the exception of runway bombing (see mission briefing for details).

-> A very long-range mission from the Falkland Islands to mainland South America
-> 4 different objective styles in a single mission (CAP, Anti-Runway, Anti-Ship, SEAD)!
-> Most modern/late cold-war era jets available to fly
-> A CVN and LHA offshore the Falklands for a true challenge!
-> Completable solo - but better with friends!
-> Spawnable friendly AI to assist in singleplayer/low playercount MP!
-> Mixed afternoon/night conditions with moderate clouds

Update 22-Nov-2022:
- Adjusted cloud heights, tanker altitudes, and AI AV-8B formations to help prevent odd behavior on tanker rendezvous.
- Adjusted runway bombing triggers to hopefully trigger more consistently.
- Fixed all randomized hostiles spawning every time, now there is a chance that some will not spawn (with high-threat opponents being rarest to spawn).
- Also adjusted hostile AI parking/airbase locations.

Update 23-Nov-2022
- Restricted weapons jettison for AI flights, tuned waypoint/tasking areas to hopefully make AI CAP more proactive in engaging threats.
- Tuned AI flight altitudes to conserve fuel more & speed up transit times a little.
- Adjusted cloud decks for more interesting lighting conditions.
- Added more kneeboard images to aid with searching for the Almirante Lynch and bombing the correct runway at Punta Arenas

Update 25-Nov-2022 [V1.01]
- Tuned AI taskings for SEAD and Anti-ship flights, they should consistently and correctly engage their targets now
- Added version numbering system to description and mission briefing (to aid in debugging any issues).

- Radio presets for each airframe + custom kneeboards for each airframe
- Limited custom voiceovers
- Threat scales with package size to better support larger MP sessions
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