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F-14 Advanced Air to Air Missile Mod

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上传者 - Spino7
日期 - 2022-11-13 14:51:09
This mod re-creates the AIM-152 Advanced Air to Air Missile (AAAM) designs from the late 1980s that were intended to replace the AIM-54 Phoenix.

This mod drastically improves the firepower of the F-14.  The F-14 can carry six of the Hughes ramjet-powered missile or up to fifteen of the General Dynamics/Westinghouse (GDW) version of the AAAM in special triple-tube launchers.  Needless to say, this breaks integrity check, but to some it's definitely worth it.  The radar-guided missiles have a high kill-probability out to 120nm, but I have shot down targets as far away as 160 miles using the GDW missile.  AIM-9X capability is included as well, plus an infrared homing variant of the GDW missile, since it is impossible to replicate the dual mode ARH/IRH seeker that the missile was supposed to have in real life.  This missile has an effective range of roughly 30 miles due to its short-sighted seeker, and you must STT lock a target in order to get a heat seeker lock on it, but once the missile is airborne the STT lock is no longer needed.  Because it is essentially the same missile as the GDW, but with an IR seeker, it has a no-escape zone that extends almost to its maximum effective range, and it is passive homing!  Only 3 of these missiles can be carried for balance purposes, on station 1B.

Watch on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5yHzULrr3U&t=11s

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