Havoc's Quick Autostart for Mi-24P

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DCS: World 2.7

Havoc's Quick Autostart for Mi-24P

类型 - 插件
上传者 - anonymous
日期 - 2022-08-23 20:38:50
Optimized autostart script that completes several common post-start procedures.

Havoc's Quick Autostart for the Mi-24P

This is an optimized autostart sequence designed to get the helicopter up and running as quickly as possible, and complete several common post-startup tasks.  It is a modified version of the default autostart sequence.  It passes IC and is OvGME-ready.

The main differences between this and the default autostart sequence are:
* Syncs HSI compass using GREBEN system.
* Turns on gunsight and all necessary weapon switches.
* Turns on all weapon and system switches in the front seat (Petrovich will take care of these if flying single-player, but this will get the cockpit set up for MP as well).
* Turns on pilot and gunner fans.
* Turns on RWR, and makes a beep, indicating startup is finished (I borrowed this from Bailey's startup script).

Any of these settings can be easily disabled or changed in the lua file to suit your preferences.

The shutdown procedure has also been optimized, mainly to make sure that it restores the aircraft to the cold-start state, as far as the switches used during startup are concerned.

To install, copy the Macro_sequences.lua file to C:\Games\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\Mi-24P\Cockpit\Scripts (or whatever your game install folder is).

To use, press LWin+Home to autostart, or LWin+End to autostop.

Please let me know if you find any bugs or other problems.

Finally, big thanks to the ED programmers who had the foresight to make this scriptable, and Bailey for the inspiration to make my own.
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