Iranian Smuggler Mission

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DCS: World 2.7

Iranian Smuggler Mission

类型 - 单机任务
上传者 - OliveBranchDCS
日期 - 2022-05-25 03:23:27
Take the role of a smuggler, as you bring forbidden materials into Iran. Keep your C-130 low through mountainous terrain to avoid detection.

A covert cargo delivery mission for the Hercules Mod on Persian Gulf Map.

Typical Flight Time: 2 Hours

Technical Notes:
Mission profile includes a stop at Lesser Tunb, to drop off fuel and pick up cargo. Stick to the north side of the Tunb runway, there's a wingtip ripping fuel tank right on the south edge of the runway.
Remove the starting wing tanks and lower your internal fuel to 50%.
Intended cargo is three "Generic Crates" from the "Pods" sub menu. (This is detected for when you drop cargo at Lar.)
You will need the JATO to take off from this stop.

Required Mods:
Persian Gulf Map
Hercules Mod

Preferred Livery:
Wooden Hercules - Flying Pirate Ship

Known Bugs:
My Persian accent is terrible.
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