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DCS: World 2.7

US Navy Fighter’s 97

类型 - 战役
上传者 - Rob_20
日期 - 2021-11-12 18:00:46
A remake of the classic US Navy Fighter's Ukraine campaign for DCS: World

"When Russian nationalists seize power, you and the "Ike" must defend our Ukrainian allies"

Flyable Aircraft: F-18, F-14, AV-8B, Su-33

**1000 downloads update 27/01/2022**
Thanks everyone for passing 1000 downloads! I would’ve never thought so many people would enjoy this campaign. As a small token of my appreciation I have remade 1 more mission from the campaign, mission 36 - Powerload!

New Vietnam inspired mission:

Operation Iron hand:

New mission is live! If you still can't get enough USNF, the 11th and last mission has been added to the campaign. You may have to restart the campaign, but this is easily solved by skipping missions until you catch up.
This mission was chosen by USNF expert Damsonn, as he felt it had the most potential for fun.
If you want to see the original first :
As usual it comes with a briefing video that's been added too. Enjoy!

**Please make sure you watch the briefing videos and read the briefing very thoroughly**

**Damsonn is playing through the campaign on his youtube channel:
In every mission description you can also find the link for the original USNF mission, so you can compare with the DCS version. If you like old school sims from Janes
and a lot of others, check his library**

- More than 300 sound effects and 100 music files have been extracted, converted and inserted into DCS
- Moose scripts with my own personal script and the "Airboss" module from the Moose community (airboss acts as the ATC the carrier is missing+more) (N/A Su-33)
- Video files from original campaign
- 99% Accuracy compared to original
- Custom Kneeboard
- Dynamic music on 124.5
- and more that I cant remember
- NEW MENU MUSIC! Replace the 2 menu music files (.ogg) for the module you use as wallpaper (terrain doesnt work) for example:
C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Mods\aircraft\A-10C\Skins\1\EditorMusic OR
C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Mods\aircraft\F14\Sounds\EditorMusic  
**Location depends on the module**

Bugs can be reported here:

Its finally finished!10 first missions of the Ukraine campaign for the classic game US Navy Fighter's!
After many many hours and a lot of elbow grease, I'm finally happy enough with the campaign to release it

The campaign is not supposed to be realistic in terms of navy operations, its just supposed to be as close to the original as possible. The original was a lot of fun and you can finish a mission in 1 hour or so. Most missions are not very difficult, but you must have knowledge of the weapons compatible with your chosen airframe.
Try to fly with the loadout given to you, if it's a complete disaster you can change it. I don't own the Harrier module, so I haven't done any testing

Campaign comes with a folder with original FMVs:
1. EACH mission will have a briefing video that you should watch before you fly (THEN READ the briefings in game thoroughly!)
2. SOME missions will have a DEbriefing video to watch AFTER you have successfully completed the mission

Install: Extract the contents of USNF into: C:\Users\%%%%\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Missions\Campaigns\en

***Mandatory MODS***
- Civil Aviation Mod (CAM) :

***Recommended MODS***
- Su-33 USN skins II :
- F-14 Tophatters :
- S-3 Viking skinpack :
- F-18 VFA-97 skin :

Enjoy the campaign! If you enjoy it a lot and you want to see more: give feedback or donate to me so I can continue working on the next 10 missions.
Thanks to ED and the DCS Community :D
Thanks also to damsonn, atomic mystery weasel, majorandme and orestd for helping with bug reports. If bugs arent reported, I cant improve the campaign
Also all the kind and encouraging feedback! Its nice to see all the love

*The file size was too big for this site (600mb), so the link is in the readme

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