*UPDATED* RDAF F-16A E-176 (Updated april 23th)

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*UPDATED* RDAF F-16A E-176 (Updated april 23th)

*UPDATED* RDAF F-16A E-176 (Updated april 23th)

类型 - 涂装
作者 - pokredde
日期 - 2021-04-21 09:17:38
UPDATED files april 22th 2021 (Small errors corrected)

F-16A E-176 - Delivered to RDAF (Royal Danish Air Force) april 23th 1980 and later MLU updated (Block 20) around millenium.

Now phased out after 3.070 hours and used for exhibitions and to promote Danish Air Force recruitemeny.
Currently displayed at Værløse Flyhistoriske Hangar.

This livery is a nearly 100% recreation of this aircraft's current state and because it is often disassembled, non-slip tape is mounted on the back of the aircraft.
I have made a version with the tape and a "airworthy" version without the tape.

Prepared for JSGME.

The Danish F-16's are often equipped with fluorescent red/orange training missiles during training exercises and displays.

My RDAF training missiles mod can be found here:

(Some of graphic elements on this F-16 livery are kindly lent by EIGHTBALL73)
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