F-14A NFWS 30/34 "Powder Puff"

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F-14A NFWS 30/34 "Powder Puff"

F-14A NFWS 30/34 "Powder Puff"

类型 - 涂装
作者 - Algherghezghez
日期 - 2021-04-16 10:03:16
UPDATE : corrected BUNO to 159855 (thanks to _YaeSakura_)
F-14A Navy Fighter Weapon School Red 30 & Red 34 BUNO 159855

BUNO 159855 after being painted in the Red 31 Tomcatsky scheme was painted in the famous "Powder Puff" Scheme with the number 34 and later 30.

The Federal Stadard refereces that I had were way off so I had to find my own shade that finally satisfied me.

This is part of a number of NFWS and NSAWC F-14s That I'm doing. Should you find any errors or have any suggestion please let me know.

The package includes both 30 and 34 liveries

custom all red ACMI pod

custom cap-9 textures for the aim-9

custom training aim-7 and aim-54

custom helmet with black leather front and top gun patches

Hope you like it!
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