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M-2000C Cockpit Sound MOD

M-2000C Cockpit Sound MOD

类型 - 音效
作者 - dggoofy
日期 - 2021-02-13 13:29:45
Small mod to add a "click" sound on every single switch and lever in the M-2000's cockpit to add a bit life and immersion.

No file is replaced, except clickabledata.lua. So easy to install manually.

Must be install directly into main DCS folder. Just follow the path in zip.

  • 许可: 免费 - 免费版, 无分发限制
  • 语言: 任何语言
  • 大小: 154.9 Kb
  • 下载数: 131
  • 评论: 3
标签: Son, M-2000C, Cockpit