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DCS: World 2.5

PvP Kill Counter

类型 - 工具
作者 - Vortex7
日期 - 2021-01-04 16:32:13
Simple kill counter for PvP battle

Here you get an intuitive real time kill counter for PvP battle, with an implemented sense of justice.
- For every death while airborne and for every crash, whether that’s the ground or the sea the counter charges a point.
- The number of points that will be charged depends on the number of pilots in command of the aircraft. For example the F-14 which is flown by 2 pilots will reward 2 points upon being shot down whilst an F-16 will reward just 1 ( F-14 with Jester will still reward 1 ).
- The revolutionary feature of the mod is the anti-cheat system that disallows players in the fight to scam their way out of a point for the opposing side through going to “Spectators” before their imminent death and other similar improvements in order to combat the unfair distribution of points.
- A point will also be charged when a player leaves the aircraft while he creeping/falling/near death.
- If you are able to save the pilots life and the aircraft from complete destruction a point will not be charged.
- In the event that 2 aircrafts collide on the runway, a point will be given to each pilot.
- Another feature of the mod that we have been working on is when on the ground and in need of changing slots for issues with the game such as an “AB sound bug” or a “no repair” (This will also apply to gameplay features such as refueling), a point will not be charged upon the occurrence of any of these since the pilot wasn’t killed nor was the aircraft destroyed.
- At the end of the flight, every pilot will have to land properly to avoid being charged with unnecessary points and derail the final outcome of the battle.

Usage :
Trigger as Mission start/ no condition / do script file ( open the script from the folder it was saved to )
Due to Sim Limitation, we made the counter fetch the results every 20 sec. So if you need to print other messages to Coalitions, you got 19 sec in between for that message to display. You just need to modify the secondary message condition to Time More 20+1 ( 21, 41, 101, 1501 etc. ) and its duration to 20sec ( no Clearview ).

*** Please do not redistribute.***

Thank you.

Vortex and Merlin ( Authors ) - This script is based off the original counter script by [GR] Bear of Grim Reapers
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