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DCS: World 2.5

Go With The Flow..

类型 - 战役
上传者 - stevanj
日期 - 2020-10-09 23:06:43
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CREDIT: 'Pikey' from the DCS forums.. His SAM template made this possible, and ALOT more fun..

Campaign Trailer https://youtu.be/4dkACpLfXMQ

You are Chris Wesley nicknamed 'Flow', youre a Navy FA18 pilot assigned to help establish a Naval Air Facility in central Syria to support the Marines, during the Syrian Civil War..

Along your progess you learn the terrain, and get to grips with your aircrafts capabilities, often learning more about the conflict youre engaged in along the way.

During your time in central Syria, you engage with ground targets and air targets.
Each mission comes layered with different tactics, and how you choose to win is up to you.

You use operation time' to master the map, so when the next campaign arrives youll have the advantage..

Install to \Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Missions\Campaigns\en
This mission is all DCS, no mods, no scripts, just DCS and its beauty.
Please only download this, from the DCS website

So two of us have fallen in love with this game, warts and all..
Weve decided to make something and we wanted to share it with you.
We really are brand new to this type of thing, so if we've messed up something or done something wrong PLEASE let us know..

We've built this around the US in the year 2014, some inaccuracies are there but we've done out best, to make the missions as historically correct, and easy and or difficult as you can expect. The later missions are more difficult if you dont know which munitions or to use for what, or how to engage in Air-To-Air..

An example might be that a beginner might just want to learn the game a little, so if you are brand new to the game, you can nearly complete the campaign with just your wingmen- If you order them too..
However without the order they wont do much, and there are two missions youll have to play solo and a third which the wingmen just cant do entirely on their own.
Then there are side quests..
With each sidequest you complete, you unlock an achievement.
The sidequests are hidden but clues to the side quest are either in the briefing, or subtly given out by your wingmen who will often give you an insight into something thats unresolved. You get a few extra points in game and a message that says 'achievement' thats it.. Its only a bit of fun, but after youve completed the campaign, you can go back into it and play another layer, Which i thinks adds a good dynamic to something that might get only short life.
End mission normally comes on 10 seconds of landing and parking.. If you complete the tasks given out in the briefing and you make it to base and stop, you can also just escape and end mission during the briefing..

IN GAME! We've put ALOT of statics in the game, and a few moving units for two reasons.

1) It adds to the game, but if youre in VR, We usually take off manically, fly around for a minute. Then eject and then click 'Fly again' so the game tends to run better once the textures are in the PC memory. 2D players, no issues that we've found.
2) If this gets a good reception, we'll go back and build campaigns for other modules including the F16, Harrier, F15 and Huey and maybe the SU27, as their missions are already in place within this campaign. At this point its not too difficult.
The statics are their for later missions as the campaign is supposed to evolve into something bigger.

How id play, Play the campaign to win from the briefings outlined before the mission -ignoring your wingmen, then go back and play the campaign listening to them to find the achievements. Not all the achievements are given away by the wingmen, some are hinted within the briefing..
If you have a request for a more difficult campaign just ask, i can probably go back into the missions and tweek them to make it hellishly more difficult.
***(Although during a test we ran, 1 'rookie' MIG 29, destroyed 4 F-15 with just cannons, so we just wanted to test the waters.)

Please tell us if you like it, if you hate it, if you want more. So we can figure out which modules are popular.
We'd like to turn this into a multiplayer campaign too, so you and a few friends can run the mission together, but honestly, weve not a clue on how to do that, so anyone who can give us that would be great.
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