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DCS F10-to-Cockpit

DCS F10-to-Cockpit

类型 - 应用
作者 - asherao
日期 - 15.11.2020 04:18
Press F10 to see the map, press F10 to get back to the cockpit.
Run the Utility .exe file.
Run DCS.
Press F10 when in a plane.
Admire the ingame map.
Press F10 again.
Hopefully you were sent back to the cockpit.

This app will allow you to return the cockpit (F1) if you press F10 while on the F10 Mapp. Created in AutoHotKey, when you press F10 the utility sees if the color at two points across the top of the screen are Blue (color 0x503E2D specifically). If they are, the utility presses F1 for you. If not, it presses F10.

The .ahk file is included for those who want to poke around or modify.

Oct 2020
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