TF-71 Tomcat-80s using modified Mbot Dynamic Campaign Engine

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TF-71 Tomcat-80s using modified Mbot Dynamic Campaign Engine

类型 - 战役
上传者 - CEF
日期 - 2020-07-15 11:15:58
TF-71 Tomcat 80s using Mbot Dynamic Campaign Engine modified by Miguel21. Fly the Tomcat in an immersive dynamic system which will record your destructions and losses. Each mission will be different with CAP, ESCORT, INTERCEPTIONS, etc... Your Fleet will support you with S-3 Tankers, E-2D Hawkeyes, FA-18C Hornet. Defend your Fleet while striking russian targets in Caucasus after Russian invasion in 1986. Your enemies will be less powerful but your weapons will be older too.

Version with new auto-update ScriptsMod NG  with DCE MANAGER making installation and update quite easy ! It's for 2.7 OpenBeta only with new clouds.

In a desperate try to free from russian tyrany, Georgia patriots tried to bring down the governement. This action was reprimed with violence by russian troops and loyal Georgian forces. Many civilians were killed and tortured to prevent any other freedom movements. United Nations were not able to stop russians violences and the United States of America decided to do something to convince Russia to stop this. Turkish government was not ready to open his bases to US attack planes and only one Navy Task Force can be sent near Georgian coasts to show Russia they have to stop violence in Georgia. F-14A of the VF-101 based based on CVN-71 Theodore Roosevelt will be part of Task Force 71.

New option to play in solo on dedicated server

Please check the PDF file for installation.

You can play this campaign in MP

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