Ustio Air Force MiG-31 Foxhound - Ace Combat Zero (6th AFU)

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Ustio Air Force MiG-31 Foxhound - Ace Combat Zero (6th AFU)

Ustio Air Force MiG-31 Foxhound - Ace Combat Zero (6th AFU)

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日期 - 2020-06-22 18:37:02
[Pilot data in description]

Ace Combat Zero , Ustio Air Force Mikoyan MiG-31 Foxhound , Scarecrow Team, 6th Air Division, 6th Air Force Unit

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[Pilot Data]
Aircraft: No.003
Name: Cpt. Daniel Peltier
Callsign: Scarecrow
Age: 40
Sex: Male
Nationality: Erusean
Status: Shotdown

Flying Foxhounds for the Royal Erusean Air force throughout most of the 1980s during the country's expansionist period, Peltier became disillusioned with the aggressive
policy being taking by his government towards its neighbors. Eventually Peltier's opinion on the subject would rub many the wrong way and in 1991 he was discharged for
insubordination. He was later joind by his old RIO Aaron Brian and the two would start look for a career as mercenaries, agreeing to only take contracts from nations who's
freedom was threatened by an aggressor. At the start of The Belkan War the Ustio government approached Peltier & Brian wishing to hire them, Ustio had very few Mig-31s and  even fewer people qualified to fly them making there skills very sought-after. As a result they were able to negotiate a more favorable contract and by april of 1995 the
two were flying combat missions for the 6th AFU. Cpt Peltier would mainly be tasked as a high altitude interceptor, seeking out and destroying enemy strategic bomber
threatening Valais Air Base or the Allied front line. Towards the end of the month they became the first Allied Pilots to shoot down an enemy AWACS as part of a deep
strike misson behind enemy lines. On May 14th 1995 Peltier was engaged with an enemy bomber formation over north-west Ustio when he was shot down by an enemy escort fighter, Peltier ejected with minor injuries however his RIO Lt. Brian didn't. Cpt Peltier would be out of action for the rest of the war, buying out his contract and taking his leave in July. His current whereabouts are unknown although he was seen in action during the 1997 Usean coup d'état.
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