Top Gun Hops MP with working ACMI pods

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DCS: World 2.5
Top Gun Hops MP with working ACMI pods

Top Gun Hops MP with working ACMI pods

类型 - 联机任务
作者 - ataribaby
日期 - 2020-06-21 21:55:16
This is faint try to replicate working ACMI pods in constrains of DCS. Instead firing live weapons you just fire simulated rounds and results are processed at Range Control mainframe.

Just two teams and dogfight circle heavily inspired by first Top Gun movie.

DCS F-14 or free A-4E mod or F/A-18C or F-5E-3 or F-15C required to fly.

A-4E download:

Contains MP only missions:

TopGunHop1.miz is 1 vs 1 BFM
TopGunHop2.miz is 4 vs 4 ACM
TopGunHop1_FA18CvsFA18C.miz is 1 vs 1 BFM F/A-18C vs F/A-18C version
TopGunHop2_FA18CvsFA18C.miz is 4 vs 4 ACM F/A-18C vs F/A-18C version
TopGunHop1_F5EvsFA18C.miz is 1 vs 1 BFM F-5E vs F/A-18C version
TopGunHop2_F5EvsFA18C.miz is 4 vs 4 ACM F-5E vs F/A-18C version
TopGunHop1_F15CvsFA18C.miz is 1 vs 1 BFM F-15C vs F/A-18C version
TopGunHop2_F15CvsFA18C.miz is 4 vs 4 ACM F-15C vs F/A-18C version

Read briefing and do not mess with loadouts via Ground Crew rearm or you can loose cool ACMI pod.

SP is not possible as AI doesn't engage without weapons.

Have fun!

ACMI Pod Instrumentation:
Pod operations are fully automatic and controlled by Range Controller. Pod tracking and scoring is enabled only in The Ring.

One short 1500 Hz tone - Gun is tracking
Two short 1500 Hz tones - Missile is tracking
One short 200 Hz tone - Tracking is lost
One longer 2000 Hz tone - Weapon fired after successful lock on
Two longer 100 Hz tones - You are dead

Gun Min Range - 50 yards
Gun Max Range - 1000 yards
Gun Max Aspect - 60°
Gun Aim Cone - 3°
Gun Lock On Time - 3s

Missile Min Range - 500 yards
Missile Max Range - 2000 yards
Missile Max Aspect - 30°
Missile Aim Cone - 3°
Missile Lock On Time - 3s

Design & coding by Ataribaby
TargetEl and TargetAz routines borrowed from I-Hawk's Falcon BMS code. Thanks ;)

Thanks to:
Mist framework for few trigonometry functions
MikeCZ, HawkCZ, Leech (Falcon BMS) for testing
HawkCZ for great screenshots used as briefing images
Heatblur Simulations for awesome F-14B
Community A-4E authors for awesome free jet
ED for DCS
My Wife for patience
My Kid for bringing me smile every moment

06/25/2020 v1.30 - Added F-15C vs F/A-18C version
06/24/2020 v1.20 - Added F-5E vs F/A-18C version, removed unused pylons from F/A-18
06/23/2020 v1.10 - Added F/A-18C vs F/A-18C version, added CAP-9M into loadouts
06/21/2020 v1.00 - Initial release
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