Operation Lionheart/Unternehmen Loewenherz

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DCS: World 2.5
Operation Lionheart/Unternehmen Loewenherz

Operation Lionheart/Unternehmen Loewenherz

类型 - 单人任务
日期 - 01.07.2020 09:32
This is a dynamic WWII mission for the Channel map. Because it scales with the number of client aircraft, it can be played in SP or MP, both sides are flyable. Possession of the Channel map, the WWII asset pack, and one of the war birds is required for this mission.

Edit 7/1/2020: Added additional client slots for dedicated ground attack flights for a more varied SP and grander MP experience. Enemy bombers and dedicated A2A fighters will only spawn if friendly dedicated A2A fighter are in the air.

The Reich occupies much of France and the Allies are building up their strength in England. Both sides launch raids across the channel to probe each other's strength and test each other's resolve.

Fly across the channel and engage air, ground and naval targets as you spot them.

Communicate with Radar installation using the F-10 menu.
Make good use of your wingmen.

The spirit of this mission is that it is flown without recourse to the F10 map, with player navigation and location of enemy targets done through visual clues and text clues provided by the dynamic mission script. The mission was designed to be VR friendly.

See "more screenshots" for briefing.
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