Logitech G13 for Ka-50 panels

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Logitech G13 for Ka-50 panels

Logitech G13 for Ka-50 panels

类型 - 设备位置
作者 - emc
日期 - 28.03.2020 08:41
Profile for G13 in Logitech Game Software Ka-50 panels:
- PVI-800 Navigaton Control Panel
- ABRIS Advanced Moving Map System
- PRTz Data Links Control Panel

What is included:
1. xml profile for LGS
  - M1 PVI-800 (red proflie)
  - M2 ABRIS (green profile)
  - M3 PRTz Data Link (yellow profile)
2. LibreOffice Draw odg file with color all profiles (and empty/clean template)
3. Color screenshoots with key mapping

Note: I added the same colors and key names as in real PVI-800 / PRTz DataLink panels

G13 template for LibreOffice Draw by mazex

2020-03-28 - v1.2 - swap clear/send mem in PRTz DL, rearrange buttons in ABRIS
2019-12-20 - v1.1 - add ABRIS and PRTz DL to profile
2019-12-16 - v1.0 - initial version
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