TM Cougar Profile for DCS F-16C

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DCS: World 2.5
F-16C Viper
TM Cougar Profile for DCS F-16C

TM Cougar Profile for DCS F-16C

类型 - 设备位置
作者 - rcdem
日期 - 25.03.2020 03:50
This is version 2.4 of the file.  Version 2.4 (Rel Date: 03/24/2020) has been uploaded.  The new zipped file is titled ""  This version adds the "Cycle Afterburner Detent ON/OFF" function.  The TM TQS does not have this lever, so I have mapped it to the paddle switch on the joystick.  Please follow the instructions on the included READ_ME_FIRST file (in order to ensure everything will work as advertised).  Thanks.

The joystick (tmj) and macro (tmm) files are intended to be used with DCS F-16C.  The files were tested in DCS World 2.5.5.

Where to put the Cougar Files:
In your default folder for Cougar files: (default drive) Program Files (x86)\HOTAS\Files.  Please follow the instructions on the included READ_ME_FIRST file.

Discord or TS:
Nothing is programmed in the base IFF portion (BTN T4 and BTN T5) of the Cougar Throttle.  I left these two (button options) blank on purpose to be used with Team Speak or Discord.  You will need to program these buttons yourself.  Note - Holding in the S-3 button for these two positions does set the Throttle to Off, or to Idle.

DCS Keyboard Bindings:
The included custom file “MVS-Viper.diff.lua” needs to be placed in your DCS directory: Local Disk (Drive) Users/(Your User Name)/Saved Games/DCS/Config/Input/F-16C_50/keyboard.  A different location is necessary for the open beta.  See the install instructions in the read me first file.

Misc:  Moving the micro-joystick (Button T-1) will move (slew) the radar cursor.  Pushing button T-1 in will re-set the view to center.

******Be sure to load this profile the first time you start the game******

Otherwise, some of the in-game key bindings will not work with the Cougar.  Also, please be sure you select the manual calibration option in the CCP when you download the file to your COUGAR.


Dr. James "Nutty" Hallows for creating Foxy, and for coming up with idea for the "Ejection" command used in the joystick file.

Rudel-Chw (Eduardo Ahumada, Antofagasta, Chile) for developing the "engine" (aka the macro file) for which this profile is based on, and for all of his on-line help.

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