Red Flag Training Missions - F-16C

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DCS: World 2.5
Red Flag Training Missions - F-16C

Red Flag Training Missions - F-16C

类型 - 战役
日期 - 26.12.2019 10:21
A series of advanced training missions based on Red Flag ranges and rules.


A series of advanced training missions based on Red Flag ranges and rules.

- custom ATC with working ATIS
- custom Voice Overs
- populated airbases
- simulated Red Flag rules
- custom Misson Data Card on built-in kneeboard

Day 0 - Welcome to Nellis!
Enjoy the dusk and land with AWACS Magic 1-1
Day 1 - NTTR Familiarization and daylight formation flying
Follow Springfield 1-1 over NTTR airspace , train formation flying
Day 1 - Night formation flying
Escort tanker during night time until bingo fuel or scheduled guests are done refueling
Day 2 - AAR and BFM training
Try air refueling and then engage Springfield 1 over FEBA guns only!
Day 2 - ACM Training
Engage Aggressors F-16C over FEBA with Sidewinders
Day 2 - ACM Training AGGRESSOR
Your turn as an Aggressor! Engage F-15Es over FEBA with Sidewinders
Day 2 - BVR Training
Engage Aggressors F-15C over FEBA with AIM120s
Day 3 - Air-Ground Range Training
Train your ground pounding skills against simulated Red tanks with M151 Rockets and Mk82s over Range 62. FAC Bravo 1 will call hits!
Day 3 - Pop-up Attack Training
Try the Pop-up Attack maneuver on a pre-planned target. Use terrain masking to approch the target and avoid the defending SA-6 and AAA. FAC Bravo 1 will call hit. Once pickle go defensive and avoid SAM launch.
-Day 3 - JTAC Training
Contact JTAC Axeman for support Bravo planned attack on a Red Logistic Outpost defended by tanks , AAA and an SA-2.
-Day 3 - SEAD Training
Support Uzi 1 and Enfield 1 for a surprise attack over Red Forces. Test yourself in the first package mission.

...many more mission to come!!!

Custom ATC is divided in steps where you simply pass through them by pressing SPACEBAR everytime you got message to do it.

after startup -> Grab ATIS and contact Ground Control
hold short runway 3R -> contact Tower
after takeoff -> contact Departure
when you arrive at the last waypoint -> Grab ATIS and select the right information in the F10 menu to contact Approach
around 5nm to Nellis AFB -> contact Tower
After landing -> contact Ground for parking
Emergency ->this will show up after departure clearance, you can select it anytime with F10 menu , if you are in trouble Nellis ATC will let you land immediately, firetrucks will wait you at the end of the runway.

- there COULD be some bugs on ATC voice overs (mostly VOs cutting each others or missing) , please report if any.

I've tried all the missions as much as I could , if there are some bugs please report.
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