Red Flag Training Missions - F-16C

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DCS: World 2.5
Red Flag Training Missions - F-16C

Red Flag Training Missions - F-16C

类型 - 战役
日期 - 10.10.2019 12:42
A series of advanced training missions based on Red Flag ranges and rules.


A series of advanced training missions based on Red Flag ranges and rules.

- custom ATC with working ATIS
- custom Voice Overs
- populated airbases
- simulated Red Flag rules
- custom Misson Data Card on built-in kneeboard

Day 0 - Welcome to Nellis!
Enjoy the dusk and land with AWACS Magic 1-1
Day 1 - NTTR Familiarization and daylight formation flying
Follow Springfield 1-1 over NTTR airspace , train formation flying
Day 1 - Night formation flying
Escort tanker during night time until bingo fuel or scheduled guests are done refueling
Day 2 - AAR and BFM training
Try air refueling and then engage Springfield 1 over FEBA guns only!
Day 2 - ACM Training
Engage Aggressors F-16C over FEBA with Sidewinders
Day 2 - ACM Training AGGRESSOR
Your turn as an Aggressor! Engage F-15Es over FEBA with Sidewinders
Day 2 - BVR Training
Engage Aggressors F-15C over FEBA with AIM120s
Day 3 - Air-Ground Range Training
Train your ground pounding skills against simulated Red tanks with M151 Rockets and Mk82s over Range 62. FAC Bravo 1 will call hits!
Day 3 - Pop-up Attack Training
Try the Pop-up Attack maneuver on a pre-planned target. Use terrain masking to approch the target and avoid the defending SA-6 and AAA. FAC Bravo 1 will call hit. Once pickle go defensive and avoid SAM launch.
-Day 3 - JTAC Training
Contact JTAC Axeman for support Bravo planned attack on a Red Logistic Outpost defended by tanks , AAA and an SA-2.

...many more mission to come!!!

Custom ATC is divided in steps where you simply pass through them by pressing SPACEBAR everytime you got message to do it.

after startup -> Grab ATIS and contact Ground Control
hold short runway 3R -> contact Tower
after takeoff -> contact Departure
when you arrive at the last waypoint -> Grab ATIS and select the right information in the F10 menu to contact Approach
around 5nm to Nellis AFB -> contact Tower
After landing -> contact Ground for parking
Emergency ->this will show up after departure clearance, you can select it anytime with F10 menu , if you are in trouble Nellis ATC will let you land immediately, firetrucks will wait you at the end of the runway.

- there COULD be some bugs on ATC voice overs (mostly VOs cutting each others or missing) , please report if any.

I've tried all the missions as much as I could , if there are some bugs please report.
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