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DCS: World 2.5
F-14 Tomcat
NZArmA Training Space

NZArmA Training Space

类型 - 联机任务
作者 - PSYKO_nz
日期 - 13.09.2019 09:44
So this started as just a simple air refuelling mission for me and my friends...

...Then it kind of got out of hand
over the past few months, I have used this mission to learn more about the Mission Editor at the same time as building my friends and I a simple training mission that covers everything we could think of. we had tried various missions available but found many of them unsuitable due to a number of factors. In short, we wanted to be able to start in-game and then change up our training on the fly EG. Do some ground attack then a quick dogfight then some cats n traps with some refuelling thrown in in-between
we have found this mission has fulfilled all of our needs and we hope it does the same for you. all the information you need to know is in the briefing

I recommend you grab our skins from the link below to play it in the true spirit of our mission

Please Enjoy Responsibly


This mission can be used MP or SP

-------------NZArmA Training V1.0---------------------

A Simple All Aspect Training Mission.


You start in the parking area at Kutaisi.

Kutaisi is 'Home Plate'.

Sel ect your aircraft:
* HOT or COLD variants

The following aircraft are available (HOT or COLD)

BLUFOR Airfields will be marked with BLUE SMOKE
OPFOR Airfields will be marked with RED SMOKE
NEUTRAL Airfields will be marked with GREEN SMOKE

We have a Hawk SAM Site protecting Kutaisi.

You can land at any Friendly Airport to rearm and refuel at any time


AWACS call-sign DARKSTAR will perform a circular orbit over BULLSEYE for the next 5 hours.

FRQ - 225mhz.

---------------Air to Air Refueling-----------------

There are 5 tankers flying racetrack patterns around Kutaisi
* They are staggered in range, altitude and starting location
* One in each corner of a square
* KC-135s start in the same place and fly the same course separated by 10000 Feet in altitude
* Racetrack patterns will be flown for the next 5 hours

There are the following tankers;
* KC-130 - 231mhz - Texico 1-1 - TACAN - 31Y - FL15
* KC-135MPRS (Basket) -251mhz - Texico 2-1 - TACAN - 51Y - FL20
* S-3B - 241mhz - Texico 3-1 - TACAN - 41Y - FL15
* KC-135 (boom) -261mhz - Shell 1-1 - TACAN - 61Y - FL30
* IL-78 - 271mhz - Arco 1-1 - NO TACAN - FL20

Make radio contact as usual.

-------------------Aircraft Carrier--------------------

Aircraft Carrier USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74) call-sign 'Kestral' is travelling in an anti-clockwise box pattern WEST of Kobuleti if you want to practice cats n traps or other CV ops.
FRQ - 174mhz

---------------------Air To Air-------------------------

The 'Round Table' Air To Air area is located to the NORTHWEST.
All OPFOR start on the ground and will scramble to meet you.
There are 5 modes, all fired through radio;

1) Round Table --> Radio>Other>Round Table
* Can only be called once and will scramble all OPFOR fighters

2) Manual flight Scramble --> Radio>Other>Manual Scramble>aircraft type.
* Each flight can only be scrambled once
* Selecting manual scramble will remove all other modes
* After selecting 'Manual Scramble' you will need to reopen the radio to sel ect the flights to scramble

3) Random Scramble -->Radio>Other>Random Scramble
* Will randomly scramble a flight

4) Random Rolling Scramble -->Radio>Other>Random Rolling Scramble
* Randomly scramble a flight
* Once the whole flight is down it will scramble another flight at random this will continue until all flights have been shot down

5) Bomber Intercept -->Radio>Other>Bomber Intercept
* Russian bombers will spawn and head for 'Kestral'. You will have to intercept them before they kill the carrier.


There are 3 types of escort mission all fired through radio;

1) B-52 - High-Level Runway Strike - Target - Tbilisi-Lochini
2) B-1B - Mid-Level Runway Strike - Target - Vaziani
3) F-4 - Low-Level Pinpoint Strike - Target - Communication Tower near Gamardzheveba (F-4 will pop up to 8000ft from 3000ft to drop the GBU)

All bomber missions are heading to the same area so they can be fired 1, 2 or 3 at a time, it's your call.

---------------------Air To Ground-------------------------

Sukhumi is home to a simple bombing and gun range with various targets of various types for UNGUIDED A2G practice.

A laser designation range is to the NORTHEAST around the lake next to Haristvala and the lake around Analsopli to practice laze and buddy laze. There is one of each type of armoured vehicle and 2 ships there to practice on. They are spaced and placed in such a way that identification and engagement should be easy.

There is a drone serviced GBU range near the end of the medium-sized lake to the SOUTH SOUTHEAST of Kutaisi.
* Make radio contact en route.
* The drone will laze for you
* Laser code 1688
* Full JTAC/FAC Procedures will be in effect

---------------SEAD/SAM Evasion Training-------------------

There are 5 SAM sites, located in 5 different areas;
* SA11 located at Beslan Airport
* SA10 located near the lake NORTHEAST of Mineralnye
* SA6 located along the coast SOUTHWEST of Batumi
* SA3 and SA2 located along the coast WEST of the SA6 Site
Use these locations to practice SEAD and SAM Evasion


2 Russian ships are in a racetrack pattern along the SOUTHERN COAST for ASW training.

-------------------------Cocking Around---------------------------

There is a small air-show course set up at the Kutaisi airfield.

There is also a longer one along the river south of Kutaisi.

* Fly near/over the starting box to the EAST to drop smoke markers by the pylons
* Fly through the slalom course as fast as you can
* If you see one pylon slalom it (opposite side fr om last slalom pole)
* Start/Finish is marked with Orange smoke
* Turn Point is marked with White
* Blue smoke  marks a wings level gate, fly between the pylons wings level
* Red smoke, bank Right around the outside of the pylon
* Green smoke, bank Left around the outside of the pylon
* The river course is an end to end course, fly through the gates at the western end then slalom through the course, turn around as fast as you can in the turning area to the east (marked with pylons and smoke) and fly back to the start-finish gates back at the western side.


OPFOR airfields will scramble fighters to attack you if you fly too close.

There is no bullshit here, if you wish to try one of the areas please fly towards it. Once the area is destroyed that's it until mission restart.
All areas are out of the way of all other areas so you can't accidentally wander off into one of the areas. You must make an effort to fly to them OR trigger them by radio.

All units are set to HARD OR BETTER SETTINGS no point practising with crap AI!

This mission has no scripts and is 100% mission editor based.

All units start in-game at mission start to avoid lag spikes while spawning except the 'Bomber Intercept' mission. This mission is the only one that requires units to spawn. Fortunately, they spawn 45 minutes away fr om their target so you won't get a spike at an important time.

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