Operation Georgian Shield

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DCS: World 2.5
AV-8B Night Attack V/STOL
Operation Georgian Shield

Operation Georgian Shield

类型 - 战役
作者 - Gunnar81
日期 - 02.02.2020 02:47
January 16, 2020. Updated to vers 1.2  Fixed first mission to be a 'runway' start on the Tarawa. One of the last few patches has wrecked 'ramp' starts.

An 8 mission campaign taking place in a 2005 Georgia where poor economic and social conditions have led to the rise of an ultra nationalist group known as the 'GNF' (Georgian Nationalist Front).  NATO sends a Marine Expeditionary Unit to help the Georgian government regain control of its border region with Abkhazia where the GNF has captured a swath of territory.

*What to expect?*

I have been making missions for myself for a while now but this is my first attempt at sharing a 'campaign'. It is a pretty stripped down and simplistic approach to missions, mostly because I don't have time to make anything near the level of the true pros in the community. It also requires the player to be well versed with the AV-8B. Some of the missions require A-A refuelling to complete, night operations and good knowledge of the waypoint entering/modifying systems. But I like to think it is at least a semi accurate portrayal of what a Harrier pilot may encounter in a non symmetrical warfare type scenario. If not, oh well...at least its 8 missions for a few people to try out! Please provide feedback and I do hope some Harrier drivers out there can find a bit enjoyment out of these.
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