T.16000M HOTAS F/A-18C Profile v1.2

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DCS: World 2.5

T.16000M HOTAS F/A-18C Profile v1.2

类型 - Device Profiles
上传者 - smohuff
日期 - 2019-05-02 21:58:21
This is my F/A-18C (My main aircraft) profile for the T16000M HOTAS, it has been created with rudder pedals and TrackIR/VR in mind so rudder, brakes and POV movement are not bound into the HOTAS. But can be modified as required.

This is my main aircraft, so this profile was not created around my other profiles, but my other aircraft profiles have been created around this one.

The throttle pinky button must be created as a modifier by you in game.

The throttle joystick in the TWCS is amazing, sadly, the index finger is not as good as a thumb, so for best results, I recommend removing the realistic TDC slew on the F/A-18C special settings.

Will be uploading some other profiles for other aircraft that share similarities to this profile, so keep an eye out.


+Added comms
+Added smoke
+Changed aa and ag modes to engine cranks
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