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DCS: World 2.5


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作者 - bmezzflat9
日期 - 2019-01-31 19:36:47
These are a collection of amazing MOD's that I have been using over the course of my DCS life. I fly primarily WW2 birds and I find the DCS flight models to be beyond the pale to any other flight sim on the market. That is my opinion, you are entitled to your of course. These MOD's are an essential ingredient to my 'immersion' in the game (mission editor), I hope that many of you will find the same. Install in the usual: username/saved games/aircraft or tech (for vehicles and ships)

Files can be accessed on MediaFire:


1)  I did not make these MOD's and I have decided to provide a collection to the group due to many of these having broken links, or otherwise being very difficult to find on the internet.  

2)  Many of these are "flyable" which I have never really tested too much, so I don't have the documentation on how to set-up the cockpits etc...you will have to do your own research to determine how to do that.  I like to fight them in the proper DCS warbirds, that is why I have them.

3)  We all know there are several version of DCS and all I can tell you is that ALL of these run on MY version of DCS.  That is a 'tweaked' version of 2.5 with many, many add-ons...etc.  (The last version before forced deferred shading was implemented)  I know that some of these still work on the latest version however, so go on and have a go!

I am very grateful to the creators of all of these great MOD's and I mean to take ZERO glory for this collection.  I am just trying to help.  Cheers, have fun!

Aircraft in MOD:

A6M Zero
B-24 Liberator
B-26 Marauder
Douglas DC-3
Fi 156 Storch
FW-190 A4 /A5
Macchi 205 Veltro
SM-79 Sparrowhawk
Mistubishi G4M
P-38D / L
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