Caucasus Mach Loop V2.5_1

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DCS: World 2.5
Caucasus Mach Loop V2.5_1

Caucasus Mach Loop V2.5_1

类型 - 单人任务
作者 - Blackbeard
日期 - 14.03.2019 07:30
A Mach Loop in the mountains around Gudauta..
Added CE2, Mig19 and F-14B

A Mach Loop in the Caucasus for all airframes.

Take Off at Sochi and fly towards Gudauta.

Map in mission brief
Tankers and AWACS
No Enemy.
Tarawa and Stennis for the Hornet and Harrier
Dynamic weather
All cold start
CA combatable.

Uses MiST

Any probs or issues contact me on the forums

MP version in the works.
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