Operation Hammer-Fall

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DCS: World 2.5
Spitfire LF Mk. IX
Operation Hammer-Fall

Operation Hammer-Fall

类型 - 单人任务
作者 - StormBat
日期 - 30.07.2018 11:24
                                                    BRIEFING: You MUST Have WW2 Assets Pack! (For experienced Pilots)

A fun Little single player mission where you and Hammer-Spear flight along with Charlie Co set a trap for the Germans.

EDIT: July 29. 2018  Lowered clouds a bit for better performance on lower-end computers and now everyone starts from parking(HOT)  Enjoy All!

   ALTERNATE REALITY MISSIONS:  With a pilots life lost and a freak set of circumstances, we have the opportunity to lay a trap for the enemy that will draw them out and cost them dearly for their efforts
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