Operation Premature End

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Operation Premature End

类型 - 单人任务
作者 - icarogargione
日期 - 27.08.2017 01:49
After a long campaign, the Taliban is finally on the run. Without support, it's breaking into smaller factions and infiltrating other countries.

A new Taliban cell was detected by a predator drone near Alahubani (coordinates: LM27).

Two halos carrying an invasion force are en route to the site. Destroy all air defenses in the area before the halos arrive and cause as much destruction as possible.

1- Destroy all air defenses (3xAAA, 4xWatchtower, 1xSAM)
2- CAS

Destroy the SAM first. Be careful, you have just enough missiles to take the SAM and the AAA batteries. If you miss, you'll have to take them down with your gun or bombs.

You're equipped with some LUU-2 flares. Use it to light the area after the air defenses are down. It will help the invasion forces.

Be careful not to kill your own troops. Leave the destruction for after they're done.

If you want an easier challenge, you can change the mission time to daytime and/or you can disable the SAM.

An easy solo nocturnal A-10A mission. Destroy the AAA air defenses and provide CAS to the invading force.
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