Yugoslavian AF Yak-40

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Yugoslavian AF Yak-40

Yugoslavian AF Yak-40

类型 - 皮肤
作者 - Beefdork
日期 - 07.02.2017 05:26
Skin for the Yak-40 in colors of the Yugoslavian Air Force in 1980s.

The major transport aviation unit of the Yugoslavian Air Force was the 138th Transport Aviation Brigade at Batajnica Airbase.

The 138th was a separate unit under direct command of JRViPVO Headquarters. It consisted of three squadrons, two VIP transport aviation squadrons and one transport helicopter squadron. Transport aviation squadrons were 675th equipped with Yak-40, Falcon 50 and 678th equipped with YAK-40 VIP aircraft and Mi-8 helicopters in VIP transport version.

For installation use JSGME mod enabler or copy the files manually to:
...DCS World\Bazar\Liveries\Yak-40
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