HUD export for A-10C in DCS World

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HUD export for A-10C in DCS World

HUD export for A-10C in DCS World

类型 - 插件
作者 - PeterP
日期 - 2012-07-31 03:17:59
This will enable a HUD export that makes it possible to build a real working HUD.

This enables the HUD export for the A-10C in DCS World 1.2.0 as explained in this thread:

copy the contend of the folder "A-10C HUD Export" into yor DCS World install and overwrite.

Example path:
G:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World

Use the contend of "normal HUD Backup" to revert back.

Now you can find a example MonitorSetup.lua in your settings.
It is called "'Camera + A10_HUD(on right side)'

The name for the HUD export is "A10C_HUD"

PeterP - 30-7-2012

More info:

BTW: This works almost the same for the Ka-50/P-51D
File path P-51D: \Mods\aircrafts\P-51D\Cockpit\Scripts\Gunsight_K14\Indicator\K14_ini t.lua
File path Ka-50: \Mods\aircrafts\Ka-50\Cockpit\Scripts\HUD_init.lua
..well , you will have to experiment with the SymbologyBox_size in the *_base_page.lua of the different modules.
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