Night attack on South Camp

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F-5E Tiger
Night attack on South Camp

Night attack on South Camp

类型 - 单人任务
作者 - emko
日期 - 09.09.2016 02:37
Night attack on an insurgents' camp located in a tight valley. But don't worry, the ground controller can vector you to the target and if you plan your ingress / egress routes and attack patterns ahead, you should be able to hit the camp ;-) .

You are a part of NATO mission to keep insurgents away of West Georgia and especially the Enguri Dam, which provides almost 50% of Georgian electricity. However searching and destroying insurgents on our side of the border doesn't work - they are scattered all over the area. So tonight we are attacking them on their own soil - we will blow up one of their largest camp.

Since this operation has very limited budget, the equipment deployed to this mission is the "no longer needed" one. Which means that most of it survived the Vietnam war. Your F-5 does not have any INS/GPS and we don't have any night vision goggles for you either. So you will be vectored to the target by a ground controller and just before the attack the illumination bomb will be dropped to illuminate your target.

Welcome to the battlefield of 1970s.
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