Su-27 Low Level Flight Training

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DCS: World 1.5

Su-27 Low Level Flight Training

类型 - 单机任务
上传者 - DarkFire
日期 - 2016-08-16 22:38:04
In this mission your low level flying, navigation and terrain avoidance skills will be put to the test. Take off from Kutaisi, fly a low level, high speed route through the mountains and, if you survive, return to base.

You are an Su-27 pilot based at Kutaisi. Your mission is to practice low level, high speed terrain avoidance. Your flight plan will take you fr om Kutaisi north to the mountain valleys wh ere you will enter the low level training route. Fly around and over the mountains whilst avoiding the terrain. You'll be flying at 750 - 900 Km/h at below 300m altitude in the valleys so this mission will really test your flying abilities.

Please note that this is not a combat mission. You will face no enemies except the cold, hard ground. I suggest turning off your cockpit mirrors for better frame rate, and don't forget that if you run in to trouble and have to climb, you can manually step through your waypoints on your HDD.

A very, very large thanks to Eric "Air" Hahn and Kimi "Sockmonkey" Hahn for their incredible voice acting in this mission. It wouldn't be half as much fun without your work so thanks for your efforts. Both are very professional to work with and I'd urge someone at ED to take a look at their work and if you can, make use of their talent for official DCS content.

This mission was created with the latest version of DCS World as of the 16th of August 2016 (1.54.x). It doesn't rely on any external scripts so it should be fairly resilient to changes brought in by future updates. That being said, if you encounter any issues or bugs please do let me know either in the comments below or drop me an email at

Lastly, thanks very much for checking out my mission and have fun flying!
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