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A-10C Warthog

Kill Box.miz

类型 - 单人任务
作者 - rogod
日期 - 09.07.2012 04:28
No JTAC.  Just you, a wingman, a bunch of ordnance, and a target rich environment.  This is loosely based on the killbox assignments from the book Warthog.

Flight comms are on 251 UHF.

Waypoints KB 1 through KB 4 define your kill box.  Anything in there is yours.

Oh yeah - lots of nasty AAA and IR SAMs too.  You may wish to think carefully before descending below 18K.

There's a tanker hanging around the waypoints Tanker 1/2.  TCN 10X, comms 150AM.  Callsign Texaco.  Use it or you die - your round trip flight is 700+ NM.

Happy Hunting!  This is my first real attempt at using the mission editor so feedback is welcome.
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