Operation Zora - the GRAD hunt

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DCS: World 2.7

Operation Zora - the GRAD hunt

类型 - 单机任务
作者 - Don Rudi
日期 - 2016-06-11 14:11:30
There are way to few missions for the formidable Gazelle, so I started to create my own missions. Operation "Zora" is my first mission designed for use with the Serbian Gazelle skin.
Your mission is to perform a seek and destroy mission at sunrise against a pair of GRAD launchers in the city of Dzhvari. The Mission contains custom R/T sound files.

Welcome to Operation "Zora". In this mission you are tasked to seek and destroy a pair of GRAD launchers in the nearby city of Dzhvari.
Mission start is at sunrise, this means you might have to use your night vision googles thoughout some parts of your route.

A flightplan is provided which should keep you clear fr om enemy air defences. Should you choose to deviate from them, expect some (unpleasant) surprises. Listen to the radio, you might get some helpful advices from your high command.
Your armament consists of only a pair of HOT 3 missiles, so better make sure to identify your targets before firing, as there is some civil road traffic activ as well. There is no time lim it though, so you can choose to re-arm at your FARP.

Primary and secondary air defences will vary between each mission to make this mission interesting to fly more than just once.
I included custom R/T voice files for a more imersive experience.

Low flying skills and knowledge how to use the NADIR are mandatory.

Good luck hunting those GRADs.
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