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SA-342 Gazelle Checklist

类型 - 文档
作者 - 1.JaVA_Platypus
日期 - 2016-05-01 23:17:59
Start-up checklist for the SA-342 Gazelle. (version 2 changes, see description)

I made this start-up checklist for myself. It shows the Start-up procedure for the SA-342 Gazelle and the awesome Viviane sighting system. I provided a PDF wich is easily printable, an image file and the original PSD template so you can easily edit the checklist yourself.

Version 2
- Now has the layered template added with the actual layers
- few small tweaks added in the text.
- Contains a "Kneeboard" map. If you put this in the: C:\Users\(yourname)\Saved games\DCS.openalpha map.
The checklists show up  as pages in the kneeboard. It will show up in the kneeboard of other modules as well. Currently it is not possible to haveing it show up in the Gazelle kneeboard only. It is optional.


Pieter "Platypus" Stam
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