Private Airshow (TF-51 D Mission)

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DCS: World
P-51D Mustang
Private Airshow (TF-51 D Mission)

Private Airshow (TF-51 D Mission)

类型 - 单人任务
作者 - Cybermat47
日期 - 09.12.2015 02:28
A straightforward mission with the TF-51 D. It's time to impress some very rich people.

Note: It's recommended to download tromac's excellent No. 3 RAAF skins: To install them, place them in the TF-51 D skin folder: Bazar/Liveries/TF-51 D.

While flying at an airshow at Russia, you were hired to fly your TF-51 D for a private airshow. You'll be flying low, over their boat, and doing all the stunts you know to give them their money's worth.

To install, extract folders and files from 'Private Airshow.rar' with WinRAR or other appropriate software, and either place the 'Mods' folder (located inside the 'Daredevil' folder you will extract) in your DCS World root folder and merge it with the existing folder, or install with JSGME.

I hope you enjoy!
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