Su-25T Anti-Armour Training Mission

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Su-25T Anti-Armour Training Mission

类型 - 单机任务
作者 - DarkFire
日期 - 2015-01-26 23:11:23
This is a training mission for the Su-25T in which your task is to engage two groups of armoured vehicles of different types in order to practice use of guided anti-armour weapons.

In this mission your task is to take off and attack a moving convoy of older-generation armoured vehicles. Once the first group of vehicles are destroyed a second group of targets is made available. The second group of vehicles are more modern types that are better able to defend themselves.

This mission contains custom briefing material.

I hope you find this mission useful as a practice mission for use of anti-armour weapons. If you have any questions, comments or constructive criticism by all means drop me an email at
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