Walter Kropp's "Red 1" of II./JG 301

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Walter Kropp's "Red 1" of II./JG 301

类型 - 涂装
上传者 - Jasate
日期 - 2014-10-26 14:45:40
Includes versions with and without swastika.

Dora 500439 flown by Walter Kropp, KIA

- Versions with and without swastika
- Custom weathering
- New custom normal and spec maps

- Texture files are now less compressed and higher quality (Minimal to no effect on performance, though higher filesize in return)

Installation, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #2 is IMPORTANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:
#1 Unzip folder to DCSWorld/Bazar/Liveries/FW-190D9
#2 In skin folder, choose from two sub-folders for swastika or clean and copy file to main folder with other files (Skin won't work properly if you miss this step!)
#3 In DCS, sel ect "Payload" tab in Mission Planner and select the skin fr om the Paint Scheme dropmenu below
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