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DCS: A-10C Warthog


DCS: A-10C Warthog
A-10C Cockpit
A-10C Model
A-10C Systems
Tactical Awareness Display (TAD)
Digital Stores Management System (DSMS)
Targeting Pod (TGP)
Message Page (MSG)
Maverick (MAV)
Status Page (STAT)
Data Transfer System (DTS)
Embedded GPS INS (EGI)
Countermeasure System (CMS)
Radio Communications
Flight Control System
Armament of the A-10C
Improved Graphics
Operations Theaters
New and Improved AI Units
Active Pause
Mission Editor
Mission Generator
Virtual JTAC
Improved Ground Force AI

A-10C Systems

The front dash of the A-10C sports two MFCDs that can display data from various aircraft sub-systems (DTS, TAD, DSMS, TGP, MSG, STAT, and video from Maverick missiles). They allow a much more rapid and intuitive way to convey to the pilot the necessary information and input data. Each MFCD is 5x5 inches (12.7h 12.7w cm) and has 5 buttons on each of the 4 sides. The functions of these Option Select Buttons (OSB) depend on the context of the selected MFCD page.

Tactical Awareness Display (TAD)

Open big picture The TAD displays a top view of the current tactical situation using symbols that represent your current position (Ownship), mission anchor point (Bullseye), Sensor Point of Interest (SPI), waypoints, flight route, and datalink symbols of friendly air and ground units. The TAD may be set as the Sensor Of Interest (SOI) that allows the TAD to be interacted with including using the slew control on the HOTAS throttle to slew the TAD cursor. Other functions are also controlled by the HOTAS. Using the TAD cursor, you can designate (hook) symbols on the TAD and set them as your SPI and get additional information about them.

All of this data can be overlaid on real air navigation charts of various types depending on the TAD display scale (ONC, TPC, JOG, etc.). Map will be available for both the Black Sea and Nevada theaters.

When receiving a digital 9-line briefing from a Joint Terminal Attack Controller, the assigned target is marked on the TAD for easy target locating.

Digital Stores Management System (DSMS)

Open big picture The DSMS replaces the A-10A Armament Control Panel (ACP) that was located on the front left panel. All weapon setting controls are now performed using the DSMS. Basic functions of the DSMS include the main Status page, selecting and editing weapon release profiles, inventory management, missile management (AGM-65 and AIM-9), and selective stores jettison.

The DSMS provides the pilot an overview of how the aircraft is loaded with stores, gun ammunition remaining, weapon status, the selected weapon profile, and release setting (SAFE, ARMED, TRAIN).

The DSMS also contains a sub-page that gives the pilot the ability to browse profiles, sel ect and edit profiles and parameters for the use of weapons, set fuzing for each weapon profile, and set the interval and the number of weapons in ripple release. Each of the combinations of these parameters is called a profile. These profiles can be selected either fr om the DSMS, the Up Front Control (UFC), or using the HOTAS.

The DSMS provides the ability to selectively reset the loading on any pylon or rail when in TRAIN mode.

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