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22 aug

Virtual Hawgsmoke А-10 Сompetition

Introducing the Virtual Hawgsmoke competition!

Hawgsmoke is a real world competition event where A-10 pilots can demonstrate their skills on the range, share experiences, learn, teach, chat, and party together.

Virtual Hawgsmoke is an online version of the event utilizing DCS: A-10C. Virtual pilots will meet, show their skills on the virtual range of DCS, share experiences, learn, teach, chat... and then face the real challenge. It will not be so easy to party together when separated by thousands of miles...

We wish all vHawgsmoke participants to have a good time, good discussions, good skills to teach each other, good virtual bombs to drop and a good luck with the last item - the party.  It should be a very fun and challenging event indeed!

Further details are on the official page
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8 aug

New Version of Tacview

Tacview is a telemetry visualization software by a third party developer. It acquires raw data from the simulator and renders it symbolically in 3D, including terrain of the operational theatre. 

Tacview presents tactical data in a convenient and easy to manipulate environment, making it a great tool to help understand and analyze even complex battle action. We highly recommend Tacview to increase your effectiveness on the virtual battlefield.

The new 1.2 version is available on the developer’s website:

Discussion on the forum:

19 jul

Interview with DCS Producer Matt "Wags" Wagner available on SimHQ!

Get some of the latest inside information on DCS development in the SimHQ interview with DCS Producer Matt Wagner here:

18 jul

Introducing Serial Numbers Management for Multiplayer

For a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to backward compatibility, multiplayer in DCS World requires that all installed modules have serial numbers connected to a single website account. Customers who have made purchases using more than one account currently encounter an error during multiplayer login: "Invalid Serial Number".

We have already added a warning in the e-shop section, but have now also created a special page where customers are able to view the serial numbers attached to the account logged into the e-shop at the moment.

Remember, this is in regards to the multiplayer database only and does not affect your purchases and activations.

Short instructions:

  1. Login to the DCS website.
  2. Copy-paste the link into the address bar of your web browser and press Go.
  3. Unbind all DCS serial numbers.

Repeat for each of your e-shop accounts.

After all of your DCS serial numbers are unbound, login to DCS World multipayer from the game's interface. From this point on, all serial numbers of the installed modules will be bound to the current multiplayer account automatically.

We plan to further improve the serials page in the future.

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17 jul

Hotfix for Su-25T and Ka-50 Training Videos

The DCS World release version includes an unfortunate bug, which crashes the software when accessing Su-25T and Ka-50 training videos.

Those in need of the training can download a Hotfix from the User Files section and unzip all of the files into the root folder of the game.

This bug will be fixed in the next patch.

10 jul

Digital Combat Simulator Combined Arms Pre-Purchase and a Full Range of DCS Product Updates Available

The Fighter Collection and Eagle Dynamics have released the pre-purchase beta of DCS: Combined Arms and updates to all other DCS products. The DCS updates include a massive number of improvements that include: better stability, flight dynamics corrections, AI tuning, and many more  improvements to the DCS World experience.

DCS: Combined Arms is a completely new product that merges Real Time Strategy, First Person Shooter and Flight Simulator. DCS: Combined Arms brings a new era to the DCS multiplayer experience.

An updated version of DCS World is also now available and is required to first be installed prior to installing new DCS products and updates.

Further details are in the Press Release below.


6 jul

DCS: Combined Arms Screenshots

A batch of new screenshots from DCS: Combined Arms is available in Downloads > Screenshots section.
30 jun

DCS: P-51D Mustang Promotional Trailer

DCS: P-51D Mustang Promotional Trailer is Out!

Video file is available in Video Files section

Pre-order DCS: P-51D Mustang today and join the pilots flying the open beta version right now!

Special thanks to:

Video production: Cato "Glowing Amraam" Bye

Music: Binary Orchestra

Don't forget to check out many other great videos on their Youtube channels!

Enjoy special features of DCS: P-51D Mustang:

  • take control of the legendary war fighter high in the skies;
  • pump up the bass and feel the vibrations of its terrific powerplant;
  • feel the force of the classic Merlin engine as it powers your flight with no electronic gizmos between you and machine -  it’s the Cadillac of the skies!
  • real-time flight modeling that accounts for almost every feature of the real Mustang (aka AFM - Advanced Flight Model);
  • tear apart enemy aircraft with your machine guns in clean, classic air combat - you shoot, they die.
29 jun

Flying Legends 2012

The Flying Legends air show will take place at Duxford, UK on June 30 – July 1. While WW2 aircraft soar in the skies, you can try to reproduce their maneuvers in the legendary P-51D fighter recreated in the virtual environment of DCS by Eagle Dynamics.

DCS: P-51D Mustang is an authentic PC simulation of one of the best and well-known WW2 fighters. The Fighter Collection welcomes everybody to witness:

  • the challenge, which DCS: P-51D Mustang brings to desktop computers;
  • the “sweet melody” of its powerplant roaring to please your senses;
  • the adventure of fighting in a classic piston engine aircraft.

See you in Duxford at TFC Hangar No 2 on 30 June – 1 July!

Further details at

DUXFORD, UK, May 31st 2012 – The Fighter Collection and Eagle Dynamics will offer DCS: Combined Arms as a digital download pre-purchase for $29.99 in June 2012. Pre-purchase also provides access to pre-release Beta versions of the title.

DCS: Combined Arms gives the user control of ground forces during the battle. Use the strategic map to move ground forces, set artillery fire missions, and control the ground battle. Assume the role of a Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) and designate targets for close air support aircraft, or directly control an armor vehicles or air defense weapons and engage enemy forces.

Play DCS: Combined Arms as a real time strategy game, a first person armor warfare simulation, or direct the ground battle from the cockpit of a DCS aircraft like the A-10C Warthog, Ka-50 Black Shark, or P-51D Mustang.

DCS: Combined Arms supports both single player and multiplayer gameplay. When in multiplayer, different players can take on different roles such as artillery commanders, tank commanders, pilots, JTACS, etc. DCS: Combined Arms allows you full control of the battle. All roles can be changed dynamically during the battle.

Features of the DCS: Combined Arms:
– Move ground forces and direct their fire during a mission.
– Be the Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) and direct close air support.
– Jump into the seat of many armor and air defense units to engage enemy air and ground forces.
– Play in both single player and multiplayer games.
– Both small and large scale battle missions included.
– Part of DCS World.

See screenshots in news Details

About The Fighter Collection

The Fighter Collection, as well as developing software for the entertainment and serious game markets, also operates, rebuilds and maintains Europe's largest collection of airworthy WWII fighters and is based at Duxford Airfield, in the UK.

For more information visit our websites: