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We will release DCS as an Open Beta using a web installer. This open beta install will be complete version that resides in parallel to your release DCS World install and have separate configuration files located in Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\. Once you download the open beta, you will use the Module Manager to install your modules. We particularly hope that this, combined with the automatic track crash generator, will help us resolve remaining network issues prior to the final release version of DCS. This is an optional beta, and if you do not wish to take part, you certainly do not have to.

The primary purpose of the Open Beta is to improve the quality of release versions (particularly before we send it to Steam and other online services). We want to ensure that no new bugs are introduced and that network play is operating well. Despite the best efforts of our test team, items will get missed unless we have a much larger testing pool with a large variety of hardware and game setting configurations. The larger testing pool also allows us to better stress-test network games given the large number of players available. 

That being said, the objective for the Open Beta is identify and report NEW bugs. This is a big reason why we have the Open Beta as a completely separate installation. This allows you to compare the current release version with the new Open Beta to ensure that a bug is in fact new (not in current version).

Some other notes:

1- Ideally, no modifications (mods) should be used for the Open Beta. Any mod can invalidate test results. If you feel a mod is vital to run your mission, you must specify any and all mod used in the mission when submitting a report.

2- When you discover a bug / crash, first please confirm that it is a new bug. If it is, please enter it in the DCS Open Beta Test Reports forum located here: http://forums.eagle.ru/forumdisplay.php?f=311. Please use the correct reports sub forum. Attach any produced track crash and the log files created when you have a crash (located in /Users//Saved Games/DCS/Logs) along with a description of the crash and DXDiag readout saved as a TXT file (WinKey+R, enter "DXDIAG", Save All Information, Save TXT File to Desktop, Attach). Eagle staff and our test team will be reviewing these reports and entering the valid ones into our internal bug tracking database.

Please don't address in technical support service. Issues and problems of an open beta won't be considered.

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